Son Slips In A $20 Bill Into His Mom’s Purse. What She Did With It Is Priceless.

This is so touching. Please read.

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My family was never very blessed financially and we were probably the poorest when I was in high school.

My parents couldn’t afford to buy me things, pay for sports, take me out to eat. I used to skip lunch and starve or find loose change from around the house and buy a pop-tart from the vending machine (highest food to cost ratio!).

But the thing was, I knew my parents would spoil me if they could. If they had the money they would without a doubt buy me the yummiest foods and the nicest clothes–they just couldn’t.

When I got my first paycheck in high school, I snuck a $20 into my mom’s and dad’s empty wallets–I knew they needed it. The very next day while I was at work, my mom called me and asked me if I wanted to eat lunch during my break, “Taco Bell!” she said.

I met up with her and we ordered together. My mom says “Lunch is on me!” She smiled brightly and pulled out a bill from her wallet: the $20 bill.

To this day, I haven’t told her I put that money in there but she has no idea how much she touched my heart. The first person she thought of was her son.

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