A Guy Goes For A Run, But He Didn’t Expect A 3-Day-Old, Tiny Horse To Join Him

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If this horse is already running at 3 days old, one may wonder if the owners should exercise caution. It’s clear Sterling and his miniature horse already have a very special bond. As they run and play, the mother horse can’t help but get a little bit jealous – and neither can we!
The common misconception is that miniature horses are different from big horses. They in fact retain much of their equine ability and instincts and are known to be friendly and attentive toward humans, and for this reason, they are sometimes kept as companion animals. However, miniature horses like all animals should be treated with love and respect, and given plenty of space to roam and exercise to keep they psychically and mentally healthy. From the looks of the below video, this mini horse is going to have a great life with Spencer and his caring family. We’ll keep you posted when they upload more videos of the mini horse. Watch this for now.

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