There is a man in a 4 story building. He jumps…

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There is a man in a 4 story building. He jumps out of the window and is unharmed. He used no padding, and had no harm done. How?

Answer: He jumped out of the ground floor.

The key to understanding this riddle is the description of the man being in a “4 story building” without specifying which floor he is on. When we hear “4 story building,” we typically think of a multi-story structure with multiple floors above ground level. However, in this riddle, the man is on the ground floor, which is essentially the first floor of the building.

Since he is already on the ground floor, jumping out of the window wouldn’t involve falling from a significant height or any risk of injury, as it would if he were on a higher floor. So, the man can jump out of the window of the ground-floor room and remain unharmed because there’s no significant distance to fall. The riddle plays on our assumptions and expectations by not specifying the man’s exact location within the building, leading us to imagine a potentially dangerous fall when, in fact, there isn’t one.

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