9 things kids these days will never appreciate

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Alright, let’s dive into the cool and quirky stuff from our childhood that today’s kids might never truly get to appreciate. This era was filled with its own unique vibes, from groovy tunes to funky fashions. Let’s take a look!

Drive-In Theatre signage non wall

  1. Vinyl Records: Long before Spotify or Apple Music, music lovers collected vinyl records. The ritual of sliding out the record, placing it on the turntable, and gently dropping the needle was all part of the magic. The artwork and liner notes were treasures of their own.
  2. Drive-In Theaters: Imagine watching movies under the stars, from the comfort of your car. Drive-in theaters were the go-to for a night of entertainment, offering a double feature and a concession stand full of goodies. It was a whole experience, not just a movie showing.
  3. Typewriters: Before computers and printers, there were typewriters. Every click and clack spelled out words and stories, with no backspace button to easily correct mistakes. Typing on these machines required skill and patience, making the act of writing feel more deliberate.
  4. Rotary Phones: white and brown rotary telephone on brown wooden tableDialing a number meant sticking your finger in a circular dial and turning it for each digit. It was a slow process, but the sound and feel of the dial returning was oddly satisfying. Plus, you really had to memorize your friends’ numbers!
  5. Physical Maps and Atlases: Road trips meant unfolding a giant map or flipping through an atlas to plot your route. There was no “re-routing” or voice to guide you—just your map-reading skills and a sense of adventure.
  6. The Joy of Mixtapes: Yes, mixtapes were still cool into the ’80s! Creating the perfect mixtape for someone was an art form. It meant sitting by the radio for hours, waiting for your favorite songs to play so you could record them in real time.
  7. Saturday Morning Cartoons: The ’60s to ’80s had some iconic cartoons that were only on once a week. Kids today might not understand the excitement of waiting all week for that special time to watch cartoons like “Scooby-Doo” or “The Flintstones”.
  8. Arcades and Pinball Machines: The local arcade was a neon-lit haven of video games and pinball machines. It was the place to be, with the sounds of games blaring and the challenge of beating the high scores. Each quarter was a ticket to glory.
  9. Photo Albums and Slide Shows: Before digital photos, capturing memories meant film cameras and waiting for pictures to be developed. Families would gather to look through photo albums or watch slide shows of their vacations and celebrations, reliving those moments together.


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