Abandoned Otter Pup Had No Hope for Survival. Until This Happened.

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At just 6 weeks old, a helpless otter was caught in a canal after it slipped and fell. It was separated, doomed to an inevitable death, until a kind-hearted stranger came to the rescue.

But the battle was not over yet. The man, named Mr. Patrick Ng, who found the otter alerted Otterwatch group, but they were unable to locate the pup’s family. In hopes of finding the family, the little guy was passed on to the Wildlife Reserves Singapore to receive proper care. He was given the name “ZooToby”.

The entire coast of Singapore was combed, looking for the family of ZooToby. The search seemed fruitless at first. Where had the family gone? At last, they were spotted close to the shore. Tiny ZooToby, nurtured back to health, was set free on the sand. He squeaked as he took the first steps back home.

When the family heard the sounds of their lost little one, they rushed over to greet him. He was met with great enthusiasm. The joyful body language was unmistakable. After a difficult journey, the baby otter was finally safely back with his family.

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