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Man Finds $500 Forgotten In The ATM . But Shocks The Bank When He Did This.

He went to withdraw money but found $500 that someone forgot in the dispenser. This is what he did with it.

Yesterday I went to the drive thru atm at my bank as I was putting my card in I noticed where the money comes out of that there was money in it, I reached down and took it, it was $500.00.

I drove around to the bank and took it in, I told the teller what happened and handed her the money, she wouldn’t take it and she called the manager over he said what do you expect me to do with it, I told him well maybe you could check and see who was the one right before me.

He took my name and number, today I received a call from him he said it was a three way call and he had the owner of the money on the phone with us, her name was Edith and she is 92 years old she was taking the money out for rent, her rent was $480.00 and she wanted to give me the twenty dollars that was left for a reward, it was all the money she had for the rest of the month.

I told her absolutely not and to have a great day. After I got off the phone I got to thinking about it, twenty dollars to last her the rest of the month. I called the bank manager and told him to transfer $200.00 from my acct to hers and co worker heard what I was doing and said he would chip in $100.00, about a hour later the bank manager called me and told me that he told all the tellers what I did and they came up with another 300.00 to go with the other money for Edith, so today was a good day.

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