A barmaid laughed at his drink order but he got his revenge.

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I was on a vacation with my 14 year old son and we were watching football in a bar in the evening. I don’t really drink but do enjoy a cocktail while on a vacation. The server came by and asked if we wanted drinks, I asked for a Pina Colada and she smirked a little at the order and kind of laughed out an “okay” then walked away to make it.

This annoyed me a little, I’m just a grown man wanting to drink a tasty cocktail what’s wrong with that?

When she brought the drink back I got my petty revenge.

As she was placing the drink on the table I said, “My mum loved these, God rest her. I always have one on the anniversary of her death to remember her.”

She looked horrified and tried to shuffle off quickly, so I asked her for a cocktail stirrer so she had to come back again.

When she came back I took a sip from the straw, kissed my hand and pointed to the sky trying to look sad.

She was so visibly uncomfortably I had to stifle my own laughs.

She noticeably avoided our table multiple times after this.

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