A Little Girl Asks Her Mom And Dad To Not Fight Anymore And It Will Melt Your Heart

“I want you mom, my dad, everyone to be friends. I want everyone to be smiling”

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After she came back from badminton and opened the garage door to drive her car, she heard her daughter Tiana’s voice yelling. She rushed to her and int he process she knocked down the shoe rack in the garage all over and 50 pairs of shoes and the rack are on the ground.

Sherry writes:

I get out of the car walk into the garage and Alfred came out yelling to me that my shoes rack was suck!! Complaining I bought a cheap shoes racks good for nothing!on and on..And I told him to just move get out of the way if he doesn't want to help then go away!as I get upset so didn't make it sound nice and friendly. Tiana offered to help me put up shoes on the rack That I rebuilt after all it done I am going to move the car in but Alfred offered help to tight up some lopes to help stabilized while he do that

Tiana, frustrated with how her parents acted, said in front of them “why you guys don’t try to be nice to each other. Like a friends helping each other don't get mad and be happy”
Tiana’s advice stunned Sherry and ” Woke her up”. Tiana is an amazing little girl. Please share this video.

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