People Ignored This Blind Homeless Man’s Sign Until This Stranger Changed It For Him.

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A homeless man who is also blind sits in front of the stairs of a building hoping for some spare change, but no one seems to notice him or care. People just go about their way and if he’s lucky gets a cent here and there occasionally. But one day a stranger that was walking by pays special attention to him as she notices his cardboard sign. She was hesitant and doubtful at first as to what she can do to help this man aside from dropping him spare change as she passed him. Nevertheless she turns around and comes back and changes the message on his sign which simply said “I’m blind, please help” to “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it.” This simple and powerful statement suddenly changes this homeless man’s fortunes on the street. People that normally ignore him were now compelled to help him. And help they do! The Power Of Words

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