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Dog Steps In To Defend Kids During Scary Scene In ‘Jurassic Park’

Bosco is a brave dog who isn’t afraid of anything, even things that aren’t real or exist anymore, like dinosaurs.

Unlike some dogs who ignore the TV, Bosco loves watching it a lot.

While watching “Jurassic Park” at home, Bosco showed he’s not just any movie-loving dog. He’s also a hero!

In a really intense part of the movie, where two kids are trapped in a room with velociraptors, Bosco felt like he had to step in. He saw the kids in danger on the screen and jumped up to protect them. It was as if he really understood the danger they were in, even though it was just a movie.

@bosco.and.the.fam Reliving the scariest scene from my childhood! 😫 #tvdog #dogsoftiktok #fyp #foryoupage #jurrassicpark #rescuedog ♬ original sound – Zoe Ansary

Luckily, in the movie, the kids end up safe. And even though Bosco was just reacting to a movie, his bravery is still really cool and deserves a lot of praise. Bosco is truly amazing for his heroic act!

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