Casper the Dog kills 8 coyotes to save sheep in Decatur neighborhood Great Pyrenees are amazing.


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Casper, a 20-month-old Great Pyrenees dog, protected a herd of sheep from a pack of coyotes in Decatur, Georgia. The coyotes first appeared at the property around 9 p.m. one night, but were chased away by the owner of the sheep and the dog, John Wierwille, throwing rocks at them and yelling.

The coyotes returned later that night, and Casper and another dog, Daisy, protected the sheep until Wierwille came outside. Casper then charged into the pack of coyotes, killing several before chasing the rest away from the property. He was not seen again that night, and Wierwille was worried he was dead or injured, but Casper returned the next day.

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