This golden retriever experience is a dog lover’s dream destination

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Imagine a place where golden retrievers frolic freely, their tails wagging in unison against the backdrop of Vermont’s lush Green Mountains. This isn’t a fantasy; it’s Golden Dog Farm in Jefferson, Vermont. A haven spanning over 200 acres, this farm offers an unforgettable experience that has caught the attention of dog enthusiasts across the country, thanks to its viral fame on social media.

Experience the Joy of “Happy” Hour

Doug and Becca Worple, the heart and soul behind Golden Dog Farm, shared their unique concept of “happy” hour with “Good Morning America.” Doug explains, “A ‘happy’ is what you call a group of golden retrievers. So, we host a ‘happy’ of goldens, creating an hour-long playdate that’s nothing short of magical.” Becca adds, “People come from all corners to take a pause from life’s hustle and immerse themselves in pure joy. It’s truly amazing.”

Join the Fun

For a modest fee of $75, visitors are welcomed by the farm’s cheerful “butternut goldens” as they leap out from the dog-delivery truck, ready for an hour and a half of unparalleled delight. The farm becomes a playground where visitors can engage in a game of fetch, capture precious moments on camera, and enjoy cuddles with their furry hosts. Doug reflects, “In a world that often feels heavy, spending time with these dogs lifts the spirits. Our guests frequently describe their visit as the best day ever.”

More Than Just Puppies

While the golden retrievers are undoubtedly the stars, Golden Dog Farm also takes pride in its local offerings. Visitors can take home a taste of Vermont with the farm’s local honey and organic maple syrup, among other charming merchandise. It’s a place where joy and nature blend seamlessly, offering a respite for the soul and a feast for the senses.

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