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She Offered A Coworker Payback For Something She Didn’t Take. But The Payback Had A Clever Twist.

A woman had been working at her new job for just two weeks when a common work scenario arose. There was conflict in the break-room, because someone’s seltzer water had gone missing. Luckily, she was in a position to watch this play out instead of being pulled into it.

When the woman walked into the break room one morning, she saw a note taped to the refrigerator. It read:


“To Whom [sic] wrote the yellow sticky on the fridge,
“I did not take your Whole Foods Seltzer. But I would like to replace it and provide you with the $2 you requested. (I would pay any price to reduce negative vibes ;) )
“Please Enjoy the bubbly.”


Taped to the refrigerator was two dollars worth of pennies in a passive-aggressive display. No one knows whether or not the seltzer was ever replaced, but at least the gesture was there!
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