This little girl doesn’t know she’s being recorded. But she sings Reba’s “fancy” and kills it!

Click to play. Wow!

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This 4 year old girl is possibly the sassiest girl we’ve ever seen. She might be singing a song that debuted 6 times her age, but this 4-year-old’s candid performance of Reba McEntire’s “Fancy” is adorable! This little diva stole my heart with her attitude, innocence, and precious voice! You HAVE to watch the entire video.

This couldn’t have been a better song for her to perform. Reba McEntire has millions of fans all over the world and her 1990 song “Fancy” is one of her all-time greatest. Enjoy and please share with your friends to spread some uplifting goodness!

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Credit: Thumbnails by Youtube thumbnail grabber

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