Dad Find Out Daughter Lied About Her Major. Wants to Pull Support

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A dad recently shared a story that’s causing quite a stir. He was thrilled when his 19-year-old daughter told him she decided to study computer science in college instead of illustration, which was her original plan. He had always been concerned that making a living as an artist might be tough, and he wanted her to have a career where she could easily find a job and be successful.

However, he later discovered that his daughter hadn’t switched her major to computer science; she was still pursuing illustration. He found out when he noticed she was involved in an art exhibition at her college, something that would be unusual for a computer science student. This revelation upset him deeply because he had been paying for her education, thinking she was studying something else based on their agreement.

Feeling deceived, the dad told his daughter that he would no longer pay for her college expenses unless she was studying computer science. He suggested she could pay for her own tuition, ask her mother to pay, or even start paying him back for the money he felt was wasted. This situation caused a lot of tension between him, his daughter, and his wife, who thought his reaction was too harsh. The daughter is only 19, and they felt expecting her to fund her own education was unreasonable.

The dad is now reflecting on the situation and wondering if he could have handled it differently. He recognizes that his daughter and wife are upset and is thinking about whether there was a nicer way to deal with his feelings of betrayal and disappointment.

A former advisor chimed in with the best response of the thread.

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