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Beauty Queen Walks Out In Nursing Scrubs, Skips The Dance And STUNS Everyone

Miss America 2016 – While other contestants sang, danced or played instruments for the talent competition on the second night of preliminaries in Atlantic City, Kelley Johnson, Miss Colorado, delivered a unique monologue about experience as a nurse. Kelley is Miss Colorado, and she decided to skip the traditional song and dance and instead delivered a unique monologue about her experience as a nurse in a long term health care facility with an elderly Alzheimer’s patient. The results are incredible, original, and heartwarming.

One attendee wrote,

I wish this was what Beauty Contests were based on. Not just how attractive the person looks on the outside but what kind of person and how beautiful their heart is on the inside”. I would love to see more “Beauty Contests” with women who served in the military, on the police force, firefighters, doctors, teachers, etc. People who have done great things that we can learn something from. If more beauty contests were like this, then I would start watching them.

Whether Kelley wins the Miss America crown this year or not, she’s already made her mark in an incredible manner. After you watch her speech and please SHARE it with your friends on Facebook!

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