FedEx driver tossed packages on highway but this couple took matter into their own hands.

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Local 12
Zach Arnwine and his fiancée were driving on Friday evening when his fiancée noticed a FedEx truck stopped in the road, with its blinkers on and it looked like the driver was throwing something on the side of the road.

“When we turned around, [the driver] was already gone. So, we pulled up where he was and there were packages lying everywhere. So, we decided to pick them up,” he said.

Zach knew he had to do something more.

Zach called every number on each box and told them that he had their package and that he will personally deliver them to their house.

They were amazed, said Zach. The people were wondering how I got their phone number and their package, but I explained the situation and they got their package delivery.

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