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Governor gives $46.5 million for free breakfast program to PA students

In a heartwarming display of commitment to the future, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro’s recent visit to Millmont Elementary School in Reading was nothing short of inspiring. As he looked into the eyes of the young students, he saw more than just innocence; he saw the promise of a brighter tomorrow. “I see this as the wisest of investments we can make in a community that cares deeply for all of God’s children,” Gov. Shapiro shared.

The occasion was marked by a momentous event: the ceremonial signing of the state’s budget bill, which carries a staggering $46.5 million increase in funding. This significant leap is dedicated to providing universal free breakfast to every Pennsylvania public school student. It’s a leap toward ensuring that no child starts their day on an empty stomach, empowering them to embrace their learning journey with enthusiasm.

The ripple effect of this investment is awe-inspiring. Over 1 million students from all corners of the commonwealth will be beneficiaries of this generous initiative. It’s not merely about breakfast; it’s about creating an environment where every child feels valued and empowered. “Today is an exciting day not only for the Reading School District, but also for children across the State of Pennsylvania,” exclaimed Jennifer Murray, superintendent of the Reading School District.

This monumental increase in education funding marks a historic milestone for the state, with a total boost of $567 million. Jennifer Murray went on to highlight the far-reaching nature of this funding. “This funding is far-reaching and includes such things as increases in the basic education funding formula, historic increases.”

The universal breakfast program has a personal resonance for many, including state Rep. Manny Guzman (D-Berks), who once experienced the challenge of hunger himself. “Because of this investment, countless children will begin their days with full bellies and ready minds,” celebrated Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Khalid Mumin.

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