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Queen’s corgis to live with her son Prince Andrew and his ex-wife

Muick and Sandy, the two young corgis that Prince Andrew and his daughters gave her in 2021 as present intended to lift her spirits after her husband, Prince Philip, died – will be looked after by The Duke and Duchess of York according to news reports.

BBC confirmed that “The corgis will return to live at Royal Lodge [on the Windsor Estate] with the Duke and Duchess,”.

Elizabeth has owned more than 30 dogs over the course of her life. Her love for corgis started when she was given a corgi named Susan for her 18th birthday back in 1944.

It is still unclear who will look after the Queen’s two other dogs — Lissy the cocker spaniel and Candy a dachshund corgi hybrid.

Some royal experts previously speculated that the dogs may be separated and given to various family members.

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