For 10 Years They Left This Dog In Chains, Until A Hero Does This. I’m In Tears!

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What an amazing rescue. Please share if you love dogs.

Rusty, was always chained and outside in Phoenix Arizona, where can it get as hot as 120 degrees in the summer. Jared, the rescuer, when he came across the dog he began to investigate. He noticed that this poor pup was always outside, neglected, and completely unloved. He knew he had to do something!

He confronts the owner and informs her that he is not going to leave without the dog. Jared’s determination finally convinces her to hand him over. Jared then takes Rusty to a shelter where he and his assistant cut his collar off, and give him his first bath ever. We can imagine how dirty Rusty was, he even had motor oil on him. After the clean up, Rusty is given the chance to mingle with his new dog brothers and sister and that moment is so powerful and emotional.

Never let a case of animal cruelty and neglect go unnoticed!
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