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5 Skills That No One Seems to Remember How to Do Anymore

We’ve somewhat lost touch with several basic skills that were once second nature to previous generations. Sure, we can navigate complex apps and order anything with a couple taps on our smartphones. But can you sew a button back onto a shirt? Or read a physical map without getting hopelessly lost?

These simple yet valuable abilities are in danger of becoming extinct. It’s important to keep them alive, not just for practicality’s sake but to maintain our self-reliance and appreciation for traditional crafts. Here are 5 skills that no one seems to remember how to do anymore:

  1.  Penmanship and Cursive Writing
    When’s the last time you wrote something out longhand with careful penmanship? In the age of keyboards and digital communication, cursive writing is fading away. But it’s not just grandma’s fancy script – good penmanship improves hand-eye coordination, memory encoding, and even self-discipline. Picking up a pen could help us unplug a bit.
  2.  Reading a Traditional Map
    GPS has certainly made getting around easier than struggling with crinkly maps. But map reading fosters a spatial awareness and navigation skills you can’t get from blindly following a robotic voice’s directions. Knowing how to orient yourself with a physical map builds practical problem-solving abilities.
  3. Simple Sewing and Clothes Repairs
    We’re so used to buying cheap clothing and tossing items at the first busted seam or missing button. Previous generations had to know basic sewing and clothing repair skills out of frugality and necessity. Repairing and altering clothes reduces waste and is economical – skills worth reviving.
  4.  Tying Knots and Lashings
    From changing a tire to setting up a tent to securing a piece of furniture for moving, there are so many times knowing the proper knots and lashings comes in handy. Yet many of us struggle with even tying shoelaces! Mastering some basic knot-tying could make you feel more capable and self-sufficient.
  5. Basic Car Maintenance
    For many, today’s cars are smooth-operating mystery boxes. But it wasn’t long ago that performing basic maintenance like changing a tire, topping off fluids, checking the battery, or changing spark plugs were common skills. Getting reacquainted with simple car upkeep can save money and empower you.

While technology undoubtedly brings incredible convenience, we may be losing our self-reliance and connection to practical skills along the way. Taking time to learn or re-learn these straightforward abilities can give you a greater sense of confidence and appreciation for the simpler things in life.

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