A Squirrel Kept Raiding Their Bird Feeder. Their Clever Solution Is Absolutely Hilarious.

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The Rock Squirrel has been raiding their bird feeder, carrying away pounds of seeds. Nancy, the woman heard laughing in the video, figured a quick solution: put Vaseline on the pole. Realizing that he’s been out smarted, the squirrel kept trying his hardest to reach the bird feeder. At one one you can spot him getting dirt on his hands so he can get a good grip and even using his tiny mouth biting the pole.

If you look closely he’s wiping off the Vaseline each time he went up & slid down until it was clean & he had no trouble getting back up. Squirrels are smart. He’s a tenacious little guy nonetheless, that’s why the owners few days later began to give him his own feeder with nuts.

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