This Stranger Looked At Her With Disgust While She Bought Tampons. So She Put Him In His Place

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Man: *looks with disgust at the box of tampons that i am holding- my sole purchase in line at fresh and easy* Ew.

Me: (after a brief moment of confusion over the utter archaic quality of his behavior): oh, I’m sorry, does this *holding up box of tampons* offend you?

Man: kind of.

Me: *Pointing to my boobs* do THESE offend you? *Pointing to my butt* does THIS offend you?

Man: …No….

Me: Really? So, you get to pick and choose which part of womanhood you approve of? Which parts of womanhood are socially acceptable to be referenced in public? Would you also like to be offended by my right to vote? Or how about the fact that I ‘m literate? Would you like to be offended that even while I ‘m on my period (he visibly recoils at the word) – a process which by the way gave me the body parts that men most enjoy as well as the ability to birth the human race- I am still more articulate, intelligent, and logical than you, oh high and mighty man?

There is a brief moment of silence broken by cheering from the entire fresh and easy staff.

My proudest moment, people.

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