I got Rosemary – What Herb Are You?

You are outgoing and incredibly curious. You have a super optimistic attitude, and you have found the formula to happiness. You are lighthearted and carefree. People can count on you to always make the best of things.

I got Sage – What Herb Are You?

You’re the type of person that has learned a lot from living. You see life as a character building exercise. Your dream is to live a life you cherish and not waste time on trivial matters. You are always observing and thinking. You think once we understand ourselves, we are beautiful on the inside.

I got Parsley – What Herb Are You?

You love so many things in this world and you do your share to make it even better. You embrace your passions and dreams. You are a warm and happy person. Easy going and have a sense of humor about yourself.

I got Cilantro – What Herb Are You?

You are an extremely caring person, who will do all to make others feel better! You don’t let your happiness depend on earthly things. You can accomplish whatever you strive for.

I got Basil – What Herb Are You?

You are creative, pragmatic and well-organized. If there is someone in need, you will not hesitate to offer a helping hand. You highly value family life & would do anything to protect those closest to you. Lucky are those who have you as a friend, life partner or parent.

I got The Peacemaker – What Kind of Wife Are You Really?

You’re the “yes” woman. Sweet, supportive, gentle, and very easy to get along with. Because of your personality you may be misunderstood, but once people get to know you, they realize how lovely and fascinating you really are. You’re perhaps the greatest supporter of leaders, and are very loyal and committed. You love your life and know that others envy you.

I got The Harmonious Wife – What Kind of Wife Are You Really?

The ideal wife. You enjoys sharing and decision making while valued as an equal partner. You have a healthy form of independence, and you strive to have a vibrant interdependent, harmonious relationship. You create a synergy that is unmatched by any other. You empower all those around you with your supportive attitude. You exhibit love and energy that is rare in the world.