13 Things People Said They Would Never Buy Even at 99% OFF

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We’ve compiled a list of 13 things/items people have said they would never buy even if it was priced at 99% off.

Which ones do you agree with and which ones are okay? Tell us in the comments or by sharing on Facebook.

  1. Tesla: High and mighty with their sky-high prices and tech glitches. It’s like throwing your money into a black hole!
  2. Trump Merchandise: Buying Trump merch is like willingly diving into a pool of controversy. Why invite that headache and the side-eyes?
  3. Timeshare: Timeshares are the ultimate scam, shackling you with endless fees for a place you barely visit. It’s like setting your wallet on fire!
  4. Single-ply Toilet Paper: Single-ply toilet paper is an absolute joke, falling apart when you need it most. It’s like they want us to suffer!
  5. Cigarettes: Cigarettes? Really? They’re practically a death sentence in a box, and yet some people line up to sign their lives away.
  6. Alcohol: Alcohol is a slippery slope to disaster, leading to nothing but regrettable decisions and a body that’ll eventually give up on you.
  7. Electric Car: Don’t get me started on electric cars. You’re always on edge about where to charge next, making every trip a stressful mess.
  8. HP Printers: HP printers are the worst, gobbling up ink and money like there’s no tomorrow, and always jamming when you’re on a tight deadline.
  9. Lab-grown Meat: Lab-grown meat? That’s a hard pass. It’s like eating science experiments instead of real food. Who knows what that’ll do to us in the long run?
  10. Used Mattress: A used mattress is basically a collector’s item for dust mites and who knows what else. It’s a nightmare waiting to happen!
  11. Crocs: Crocs are the epitome of fashion laziness, and wearing them is like announcing you’ve given up on life and style.
  12. Drugs: Don’t even get me started on drugs. They’re a one-way ticket to ruining your life, health, and everything you care about.
  13. A Boat: And boats? Oh, please. They’re money pits that sit gathering algae more than actual use. It’s like flushing your savings down the drain!


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