Woman broke down in tears after she was finally able to smell coffee again after 2-years with long COVID

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In a groundbreaking move, doctors at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic have begun offering stellate ganglion blocks to long Covid patients, with the hope of bringing relief to those suffering from the debilitating symptoms of the condition.

One such patient, Jennifer Henderson of Franklin, Ohio, lost her sense of taste and smell immediately after contracting Covid in January 2021. Despite undergoing months of olfactory retraining, Jennifer’s senses remained wildly distorted, with even the most basic foods tasting and smelling completely off.

Peanut butter and ranch dressing still smelled like chemicals. Chicken was the worst, she said. “It tasted like rotting flesh. I had to spit it out.”

However, after receiving a stellate ganglion block at the Cleveland Clinic in November 2021, Jennifer’s senses immediately improved, and she was able to enjoy the taste and smell of her favorite foods once again. The experience was so emotional for her that she burst into tears at the simple pleasure of smelling a fresh cup of coffee.

The promising results of this new treatment have led doctors at the Cleveland Clinic to consider launching a clinical trial to further explore the potential benefits of stellate ganglion blocks for long Covid patients. As the ongoing effects of the pandemic continue to take their toll on so many people, any new treatment that can offer hope and relief is sure to be met with excitement and anticipation.
Source: NBC

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