He calls it the Inside-Out Grilled Cheese Sandwich and it will make you extra hungry

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Ingredients: White Bread, Butter, Cheddar Cheese

The Inside-Out Grilled Cheese, as it’s called has my stomach growling.

First, he takes a little butter and melts in a pan. Then puts two slices of white bread side by side in the pan at low medium heat on top of the melted butter. Then, he gets grated cheddar cheese (you can also use non-grated), and sprinkles it on one bread. After that he puts the breads together, adds more butter to the pan and cheese on the outside of the bread so that when he flips it over the cheese cooks into the bread and creates a crispy, crunchy surface. Repeat the final step for the other side and you will have a “cheesier, meltier Grilled Cheese” as Chef calls it.

It’s simple and delicious.
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