His dog fell off his boat 5 miles in open water, but how she found her way home is incredible.

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Shrimp Boat Captain Keith “Kiwi” Soffes says that his dog, Monster, is always by his side. His pup even joins in on the daily shrimp runs off the coast of San Leon, Texas. While out on the water in Galveston Bay last week, the devoted dog slipped overboard. Soffes says he didn’t realize it until they were five miles out. He was completely shocked and heartbroken.

Soffes resorted to posting on Facebook after searching for several hours up and down the coast with no luck. 

Help poured in as a result of everyone viewing his social media post. Monster was discovered five days later, stranded at a trailer park nearby.
Captain Kiwi says he received so many happy Kisses from his pup! Luckily, she was healthy albeit exhausted.

Soffes assured that he will get a life jacket and a tracking device for his pup.

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