She Asked Her Dog To Bark Softly. How He Responded Made Everyone Burst Out Laughing

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Keeping the tradition the Japanese are famous for, teaching their pets amazing tricks, one woman has taught her dog a trick that will surely make any dog owner jealous.
Shiba dogs are often misconceptualized as hard to train but this mom proved that wrong. If you have a Shiba and it’s stubborn and loses interest in training easily, you have to find what makes your Shiba tick and what holds their interest (food, toys, play etc..). Good communication skills are key, as well. This Shiba IS NOT overworked, his pet parent found what holds his interest (food) and started there.

She begins by simply asking her dog to bark. Then, she progressively asks her dog to bark softer and softer. He obeys her commands by barking softer and softer and eventually lets out an adorable whisper at the end. I couldn’t help but laugh at this dog’s adorable barks!

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