Kid is Terrible at Blowing out Candles. His Dad Comes To The Rescue With A Simple Fix

Their son was having some trouble blowing out his first birthday candle. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get enough wind to blow out the candle, mainly because it was his first time and he did not yet realize that the mouth has to be open to blow out the candle. In the begining his dad thought he might be further away so he brought him closer, but distance wasn’t the issue. At one point the baby almost burned his nose as he got too close to the candle. Even holding the baby’s mouth open didn’t work.

Finally dad gets and idea, runs to the kitchen and comes back with an every day item to help his son blow out the candle. Watch this unfold and the joy the baby displays on his face after a successful first birth day. Please share this video on Facebook with your friends. Thank you

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