These Dogs Were Abandoned In Floods. What This Father And Son Did About It Will Steal Your Heart.

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When waters rose on the bayou, dogs were in trouble after being separated from their owners. Many of them were stranded on areas with a tiny surface that would soon disappear. In a land where entire cars were submerged, things were looking bleak for the poor canines.

Then came a father and son duo to the rescue in a motorboat. The trip was not without risk. There were many hidden dangers in the murky water, and something unfortunate might have happened if a propeller had struck an object just right.

Luckily, fate kept them in mind. They were able to transport around forty dogs back and forth between flooded conditions and dry land. The dogs seemed overjoyed in the boat, knowing at least that they would not get swallowed up by the raging waters.



Source: Imgur

Where did the dogs end up? They all made it to a shelter set up by the local humane society. Donations have been pouring in, and they are waiting for their owners to locate them. That was a close call for the endangered companions, but they made it out safely thanks to a couple of men with big hearts.

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